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About Me

Hello there and thank you for visiting Little Eats Feeding Therapy.  My name is Albina Tzipporah Sukhodolsky, M.S./CCC-SLP and I am a speech-language pathologist.

I am humbled you are here. 

I love everything baby, mom and feeding, and I have been blessed to find my passion in life: working with infants and empowering parents.  

My inspiration for opening up a private practice where I can help families navigate the sometimes treacherous path of feeding their babies was born from my big personality to guide parents with all my knowledge and experience without any “red tape.” 

My role is to guide you along as a friend, feeding therapist, mom, support system, and whatever else you may need. I have been a practicing speech language pathologist for over 11 years and most of my work has been in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  Nothing excites me more than seeing parents build their confidence, let go of their guilt and shame, and advocate for their babies. You, as the parent, are the best feeder, caregiver, and nurturer for your baby.  

When working with families, I take the whole family unit into account.  Your needs, wants, and your mental health.  What does that mean for you?  We will figure it out and build a unique plan that keeps you and your baby healthy and thriving. 

My approach is realistic and down to earth. I have learned to be flexible and resilient, as my own path of motherhood has not been easy.  I have been married to my best friend for almost two decades, and together we have 3 children. Our journey to parenthood was anything but smooth: we have gone through multiple IVF journeys, miscarriage, fostering, and everything else in between.  


Feeding my babies was not easy-peasy! Each child came with their own “rule book” - or at least their own demands! I struggled with breastfeeding but persevered- I was determined and with help from professionals I was able to have long lasting breastfeeding journeys with my kiddos!  I experienced D-MER (dysphoric milk ejection reflex), had a child with tongue and lip ties, endured bleeding and cracked nipples, breastfeeding refusal, bottle refusal, milk supply issues, breastfeeding weaning, etc. All this to say: you are not alone! 

In my downtime, I am a mental health podcast junkie, I try to feed my family wholesome meals, and enjoy thought-provoking conversation.  I am uplifted by connecting with people through our life stories- we all have one!  We have a beta fish named Finn and 5 beautiful hens who I thoroughly enjoy :)


I look forward to connecting with you to support you on your feeding journey, no matter the challenges!


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